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Python is a flexible programming language that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including data analysis, web development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Working on Python projects can be a great way to gain experience and build a portfolio of work for those looking to develop their skills and demonstrate their abilities.

Sources for python projects:’s projects are broken down into a variety of categories, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each project has a thorough description and a list of specifications that will help you build it. Some assignments also come with tips and solutions in case you run into trouble. For python exercises click here.

Some projects in

python project ideas for beginners/python projects code

they are all python projects step by step

Python Project: Contact Book

Python Project: File Organizer

Python Project: Image Resizer

Python project: Password Generator

Python project advanced: Movie Recommendation System using Collaborative Filtering

Python project beginner: Calculator

python projects advanced

Python project advanced: Chatbot using NLP


Other sources

There are many other sources of Python projects available online. Some popular options include:

  • GitHub, which hosts a vast repository of open-source code, including many Python projects.
  • Kaggle, a community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners that offers a variety of Python-based projects and challenges.
  • Codecademy and Udacity, which offer online Python courses and projects to help you build your skills and gain experience.

python projects book

You can improve your skills and increase your knowledge of the language by reading one of the many excellent books on Python projects that are available. Here are some options to think about:

  1. “Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming” by Eric Matthes. This book offers a project-based approach to learning Python, with a focus on real-world applications and practical skills. The book covers topics such as data visualization, web development, and game development.
  2. “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, 2nd Edition: Practical Programming for Total Beginners” by Al Sweigart. This book focuses on using Python to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows, with projects ranging from web scraping to data analysis.
  3. “Python Projects for Beginners: A Ten-Week Bootcamp Approach to Python Programming” by Connor P. Milliken. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to Python projects, with a series of 10-week bootcamps that cover topics such as game development, web development, and machine learning.
  4. “Python Playground: Geeky Projects for the Curious Programmer” by Mahesh Venkitachalam. This book offers a collection of fun and challenging Python projects, including building a robot, creating digital art, and programming a game of Tetris.
  5. “Python Projects for Kids: Build fun, interactive projects that teach you coding with Python” by Jessica Ingrassellino. This book is designed for young readers and offers a series of Python projects that are both engaging and educational, including creating a chatbot and building a game of Pong.


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