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JavaScript project ideas: Text Analyzer

Javascript project ideas: This program analyzes a given text and provides information such as the number of words, characters, and average word length.

The analyzeText() function, which accepts a text string as input, is defined in this code. The text is first cleaned up by the function by removing extra spaces between words and leading and trailing whitespace. The cleaned text is then divided into an array of words, iterated through, and the number of characters, words, and average word length are calculated. The analysis results are then shown in the console.

function analyzeText(text) {
  // Remove leading/trailing whitespace and extra spaces between words
  const cleanedText = text.trim().replace(/\s+/g, ' ');

  // Calculate the number of characters
  const characterCount = cleanedText.length;

  // Calculate the number of words
  const words = cleanedText.split(' ');
  const wordCount = words.length;

  // Calculate the average word length
  let totalWordLength = 0;
  for (let i = 0; i < wordCount; i++) {
    totalWordLength += words[i].length;
  const averageWordLength = totalWordLength / wordCount;

  // Display the analysis results
  console.log('Text:', cleanedText);
  console.log('Number of characters:', characterCount);
  console.log('Number of words:', wordCount);
  console.log('Average word length:', averageWordLength.toFixed(2));

// Example usage
const text = 'This is an example text for analysis.';

Any text you want to analyze can be passed to the analyzeText() function. Based on the text input, the program will output the total number of characters, total number of words, and average word length.

Run the program

Save the program’s code in a JavaScript file, such as text_analysis.js, and run the following command at a command prompt or terminal to run it:

node text_analysis.js

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