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javascript project for portfolio: Alarm Clock

The setTimeout() function in JavaScript can be used to create a straightforward alarm clock that plays a sound or displays a message at a particular time. Here’s an illustration:

function setAlarm(alarmTime) {
  var currentTime = new Date().toLocaleTimeString();
  console.log("Current time: " + currentTime);
  console.log("Alarm time: " + alarmTime);

  var timeDiff = (new Date(alarmTime) - new Date()) / 1000; // Calculate time difference in seconds

  if (timeDiff > 0) {
    setTimeout(function() {
      playSound(); // Play a sound
      displayMessage("Wake up!"); // Display a message
    }, timeDiff * 1000); // Convert time difference to milliseconds

function playSound() {
  // Replace 'sound.mp3' with the path to your sound file
  var audio = new Audio('sound.mp3');;

function displayMessage(message) {

// Set the alarm time (24-hour format, e.g., "08:00:00")
var alarmTime = "08:00:00";

// Start the alarm

The desired alarm time is an argument to the setAlarm() function in this JavaScript example. It uses new Date() to determine the time difference between the current time and the alarm time, and setTimeout() to set the alarm to go off at the designated time. The playSound() function is used to play a sound once the alarm time has been reached, and the displayMessage() function is used to show a message.

You must substitute the path to your own sound file in MP3 format for “sound.mp3”. The message that appears when the alarm sounds can also be changed.

HTML code with JS

If you want to view the project in the browser you can use the HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Alarm Clock</title>
  <script src="alarm_clock.js"></script>
  <h1>Alarm Clock</h1>
  <p>Set the alarm time:</p>
  <input type="time" id="alarmTimeInput">
  <button onclick="setAlarm()">Set Alarm</button>

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