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Google Cloud Sales Fundamentals Assessment Answer

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Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam Answers

Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam Answers

In a sales team meeting with a company whose IT department lacks familiarity with cloud technology, the best approach to describe cloud technology to the customer is to emphasize its essence.

Cloud technology utilizes virtual machines for storing, managing, and accessing data. It involves migrating company processes and programs to the cloud, away from traditional on-premises setups, often housed within data centers.

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google cloud sales credential answers

Assessment Answer

How many people use google products combined

  • Thousands
  • Millions
  • Billons – True
  • Trillons

How many regions in Glogle Cloud in across the world?

  • 10 Regions
  • 15 Regions
  • 20 Regions – True
  • 25 Regions

What percentage of the world’s internet traffic is carried by Google’s network according to some estimates?

  • 30%
  • 35%
  • 40% – True
  • 45%

A customer wants to use API management to bridge the gap between modern applications and legacy systems. What solution category best fits the customer head?

  • Accelerating application innovation – True
  • Creating insights from data
  • Transforming how team work
  • Modernizing infrastructure

What is one way that Google Cloud can help you gain insights from data?

  • By connecting to real-time data sourcesto implement streming analytics – True
  • By gaining visibility and operational analytics for your APIS
  • By shifting your applications to containers and Kubernents
  • By managing the enterprise constent with safe and reliable file sharing and sync solution

A customer needs a set of inteleligent business applications they can use to drive collabration. What Google product would you suggest?

  • G Suite – True
  • GCP
  • Maps
  • Chorme

Which Google product would use if you needed to leverage loction data and location enabled applications?

  • Maps – Ture
  • Chorme
  • Search
  • Andriod
google cloud sales
google cloud sales credential answers

A cusomter looking for a secure, flexible, and innovative enterprise mobility solution. Which Google product would you suggest.

  • Android – True
  • Chorme
  • Maps
  • G Suite

A customer has asked you to suggesta fast,simpl, and secure web browser.What product does Google offer that would meet the customer’s need?

  • Netscape
  • Chrome – True
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

A customer is looking to leverage data analytics and machine learning to create better insights data. What Google product would you suggest to achieve this goal?

  • GCP – Ture
  • G Suite
  • Maps
  • Chrome

You have a customer who has implemented a Google Cloud solution for a business problem and they want help getting the most out of the products. Who would the customer contract for help?

  • A fellow customer
  • PSO -True
  • They will contact you
  • Google cloud Customer Support

If customer asks you how Google Cloud future-proofs their technology. What is an accetable response.

  • By gaining insights faster and honing their competitive edge
  • By being part of reliable, global security network
  • By having open source innovation, support, and flexible pricing structure
  • By constanly improving infrastructure with faster boot times and live migration ensuring predictable across all parts of theie application – True
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google cloud sales credential answers

A customer asks you how Google Cloud sets itself apart from their competitors around pricing. Which would be accurate response.

  • Sustained-use discounts are automatic – True
  • We provide fixed virtual machine configurations
  • No custom machine types are offered
  • Customer pay for blocks of time

You are in a sales team meeting with a company whose information technology (IT) department is not very familiar with what is cloud technology. What is the best way to describe cloud technology to the customer?

  • Cloud technology occurs when a company shifts to virtual machines. Cloud technology is where the company stores its data and files.
  • Cloud technology is all of the technology and processes needed to store, manage, and access data running on programs that are transferred to the cloud. – True
  • Cloud technology is the process of migrating a company from on- premises to a data center.

Now that the company understands cloud technology a bit more, they want to know what is the value that Google Cloud provides to companies. What is the best messaging to provide to the customer around Google Cloud?

  • Google Cloud consists of products and services like Gmail that companies use to transform.
  • Google Cloud has data centers all around the world and provides a secure private network.
  • Google Cloud is a Platform as a Service.
  • Google Cloud helps companies transform by providing products and solutions designed to address the business challenges of a company. True

Scenario: Bright1980 (a fictitious company) is a large enterprise retail company that sells trendy clothing to a target audience of 24- to 45-year-olds. The company’s contract with another cloud provider is up for renewal in six months. After qualifying the customer and conducting research about the industry and company, you meet with a few executives from Bright. After sharing the insights you’ve gathered from your research on their industry, company, and current cloud provider situation, which of the following approaches is the best way to begin to identify the appropriate solution for the customer?

  • Tell the customer all about cloud technology and Google Cloud.
  • Ask the customer to tell you more about their business needs and objectives. – True
  • Ask the customer about their current cloud provider situation and ask the customer to speak more about their level of satisfaction with the other cloud provider
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google cloud sales engineer interview questions
google cloud sales credential answers

google cloud sales credential answers

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Conquering the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam

Acing the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam validates your understanding of Google Cloud solutions and equips you to confidently navigate customer conversations.

While exploring resources like “Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam Answers” can spark curiosity, true success comes from dedicating yourself to in-depth studying through Google’s recommended materials.

Remember, there’s no substitute for a solid foundation in Google Cloud’s offerings. Leverage official courses, explore case studies, and delve into product details.

By investing in genuine learning, you’ll not only conquer the “Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam Answers” search but also become a Google Cloud pro, ready to impress clients and propel your sales career.

So, ditch the shortcut mentality and embrace the power of knowledge. With focused preparation, you’ll be well on your way to earning that coveted Google Cloud Sales Credential. Good luck!

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Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam FAQs

What is the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam?

The Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam assesses your knowledge of Google Cloud products and services, and your ability to position them as solutions to customer challenges.

Who should take the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam?

This exam is ideal for sales professionals who want to validate their understanding of Google Cloud and effectively sell its solutions to customers.

What are the benefits of passing the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam?

  • Validation of Expertise: Earning the credential demonstrates your knowledge of Google Cloud to potential employers and clients.
  • Increased Confidence: Successfully passing the exam strengthens your understanding of Google Cloud, making you a more confident salesperson.
  • Career Advancement: The credential can open doors to new opportunities in cloud sales.

What resources are available to help me prepare for the exam?

Google offers a variety of resources to help you study for the exam, including:

  • Exam Guide: This guide outlines the exam topics and objectives.
  • Training Courses: Google and its partners offer various training courses to help you build your Google Cloud knowledge.
  • Practice Exams: Practice exams can help you identify areas needing improvement and get comfortable with the exam format.

What is the format of the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam?

The exam is typically delivered online and consists of multiple-choice and case-based questions.

How much does the exam cost?

The cost of the exam can vary. You can find the most up-to-date pricing information on the Google Cloud Certification website.

Where can I find more information about the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam?

Visit the Google Cloud Certification website for comprehensive information about the exam, including resources, registration details, and pricing.

Is it okay to use brain dumps (dumps of exam questions and answers) to prepare?

No. Using brain dumps or any other form of unauthorized exam content is strictly prohibited and can lead to disqualification.

The best way to prepare for the Google Cloud Sales Credential Exam is to focus on in-depth learning through recommended resources. This will ensure your success and validate your genuine knowledge.


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