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Administrator Fundamentals part 1 Successful Answers

Administrator Fundamentals part 1 Successful Answers

Administrator Fundamentals part 1 is an introduction to Google Workspace Administration is the first course in the Google Workspace Administration series of courses.

This series will serve as the starting place for any new Google Workspace admin as they begin their journey of managing and establishing Google Workspace best practices for their organization. These courses together will leave you feeling confident to utilize the basic functions of the admin console to manage users, control access to services, configure security settings, and much more.

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Adding Users Quiz

Your company just acquired a 100-employee startup and you quickly need to add the new employees to your domain. Using the Admin console, which is the most efficient way to add new users all at once?

  • Add the new users manually
  • Have them create their own accounts with the “Invite users” option.
  • Add all the new users at once from a .csv file.
  • Go back and review the Adding Users lesson to find the correct answer.

When adding users individually, which of the following is the default method that G Suite establishes user passwords?

  • G Suite requires the admin to manually add passwords for every single user that is added to the domain.
  • The admin console generates a temporary password for the new user.
  • Admins need to upload a default password to G Suite before adding any users.
  • None of these.

Which of the following are required data points for adding multiple users via a CSV file

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • All of these

What is the minimal amount of characters required of G Suite passwords?

  • 10 characters
  • 6 characters
  • 8 characters
  • 12 characters

In a bulk user upload, users are added, by default, to which organization?

  • The account’s top-level organization
  • The appropriate suborganization
  • Both the top-level organization and the appropriate suborganization
  • None of these


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Managing Users

When you delete a user from G Suite you’re also deleting what three types of data? (choose 3)

  • All email for the user
  • All groups created by the user
  • All documents the user owns
  • All sites owned by the user
  • All Calendar events for the user

Which of the two items below must an Admin do to reset a user’s password? (choose 2)

  • Pass a captcha entry
  • Type and confirm the new password; or click Auto-generate password
  • Sign into the user’s Gmail account
  • Enter the password retrieval secret
  • Provide the user their new password

Which three of the following statements about managing users are true?

  • A user may belong to multiple groups
  • A user may belong to multiple organizations
  • A new user may need up to 24 hours to get access to a G Suite service
  • A deleted user may be restored up to 10 days before the account is permanently deleted
  • A suspended user will continue to use a G Suite license

By creating an email alias for a user, this automatically allows users to do which of the following?

  • Receive email at that new address
  • By default, send email from that address
  • Neither send nor receive email from that address

Before you begin to change a user’s primary address or display name, you must do which of the following steps?

  • Click on users, and then click user’s name and click Rename
  • Delete the user
  • Ask the user to sign out of their Google Cloud or Education account
  • Ask the user to change their password
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Admin Privileges

Which three actions can only the super administrator perform? (Choose 3)

  • Delegate a user’s email.
  • Restore a deleted user.
  • Change the company profile.
  • Retrieve a user’s password.
  • Create or assign administrator roles.

What’s the recommended way to create a custom administrator role for your domain?

  • Create a new role and edit the privileges.
  • Create a new role based on a role template.
  • Duplicate an existing role and edit the privileges.
  • Choose custom administrator option when manually adding the user.

You can assign more than one administrator role to a user.

  • True
  • False

When assigning an administrative role to a single user, where in the user’s account page do you assign the role?

  • Groups
  • License
  • Security
  • Admin roles and privileges

In this course you will sign up for a Google Workspace account and configure your DNS records for Google Workspace. You will learn how to provision and manage your users, and will create groups and calendar resources for your organization. You will be introduced to your Cloud Directory and will learn how to split your organization into organizational units to simplify user and service management. Finally you will learn how to delegate admin privileges to other users in your organization.

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IMPORTANT – To get the most out of this training course, learners should be prepared to:

  • Purchase a new domain through a registrar such as enom or GoDaddy.
  • Note: If you already have a domain that you would like to use for the trial you can do this but this course does not provide detailed steps on how to associate an existing domain with a Google Workspace trial account. For detailed instructions on how to do that, please refer to this Help Center article: article
  • Provide credit card details as part of the Google Workspace account setup. You will be using a 14 day trial Google Workspace account during this course. As part of the sign up flow you will be required to provide credit card details. No charges for Google Workspace are made to your credit card until the trial period has ended. You must ensure that you CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION before the trial period ends to avoid and charges. This is very IMPORTANT so don’t forget!
  • Install and be ready to use the latest version of Chrome web browser available at
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